Voice of the Union
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The Voice of the Union is the official podcast of the University of Alberta Students' Union, hosted by the 2016-17 SU Executives, Fahim Rahman, Marina Banister, Mike Sandare, Robyn Paches and Francesca Ghossein.

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    Mental Health Funding, Provincial/Federal Budgets & the SUB House Party

    Francesca Ghossein and Fahim Rahman discuss post-secondary mental health funding and her service on a provincial committee making recommendations concerning those funds. Fahim sits down with outgoing VP External Mike Sandare and incoming VP External Reed Larsen to discuss the new provincial and federal budgets for 2017. Francesca and Fahim discuss the upcoming SUB House Party, on April 12.

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    Students' Union 2017/18 Elections and Diversity in the SU Executive

    Chief Returning Officer Donald Ademaj and Discover Governance Officer Rebecca Taylor discuss the upcoming elections for the Students' Union Executive & Students Council. VP Student Life Francesca Ghossein sits down with SU General Marc Dumouchel to talk about diversity in student governance and their roles in the Students' Union.

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    Student Governance Roundtable & InterD Con

    Marina Banister sits down with student representatives from various levels of University governance. Robyn Paches and Marina discuss the upcoming InterD Con.

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    Lister Meal Plan & Alberta Tuition Review

    Fahim Rahman and Mike Sandare discuss the proposed Lister meal plan; Fahim talks to former Vice-President External Dave Cournoyer about how tuition is set in Alberta and the government's tuition review.

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    Deferred Maintenance & Lister Representatives

    Francesca Ghossein and Robin Paches discuss deferred maintenance costs at the University of Alberta; Francesca interviews Meijun, a Students' Union Lister representative.

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    Mental Health

    Francesca Ghossein and Fahim Rahman discuss the continued tuition freeze as well as provincial mental health funding at the University of Alberta; Francesca interviews Jenn Yurkiw from the Peer Support Centre and U of A Dean of Students André Costopoulos.

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    Fahim Rahman chats with the University of Alberta Board of Directors Chair, Michael Phair. Fahim and Mike Sandare are joined by last year's VP Operations and Finance, Cody Bondarchuk, and VP External, Dylan Hanwell, to chat about the SU's history, Kanye West and student protest.

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    Bars, Theatres and Textbooks

    Marina Banister and Robyn Patches discuss the by-election; Marina sits down with VP Academics from three other Alberta universities to discuss the #textbookbrokeAB campaign; Robyn and Marina discuss the renovations to the Horowitz Theatre; and Craig Turner joins Robyn to discuss the state of campus bars at the University of Alberta.

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    Marina Banister and Mike Sandare discuss GovWeek 2016; Marina interviews Edmonton Public School Board Chair and SU Alumnus Michael Janz; Rebecca Taylor and Donald Ademaj talk about the upcoming by-elections; and University of Alberta Senate Chancellor Doug Stollery talks about his time at the U of A and his current role.